Our Inspiration

The vast , untamed continent of Africa , with its mosaic of wild places ,
supports a staggering diversity and abundance of creatures and plant life.

The land scapes are extensive and timeless , ranging from harsh yet
transcendentally beautiful deserts to lush forests or tropical beaches .
Sweeping grassy savannas and bushlands stretch between rivers,
lakes and majestic mountains.

Living in Africa , it is not hard to be captivated by majesty and splendour ,
and be imbued with a sense of awe and wonder .
Places that are remote impart a feeling of utter peace and humility,
deeply affecting all the senses.
For excitement and exhilaration nothing compares with an
unexpected wildlife encounter , witnessing raw nature at its best.

Our work is an artistic tribute to the sheer beauty of the natural realm .
The paintings are based on our personal experiences in the field ,
and are feulled by a passion for the creatures ,
both large and small ,that we portray.

The artworks are rendered accurately and evocatively as we delight in the
detail of the perfect beauty and uniqueness of our subjects .
In doing so we hope to capture vivid and authentic images to inspire the
viewer to see our natural world as a heritage to be treasured and protected
for all generations to come .
Our living environment and its inhabitants are unique and exquisite ,
and deserve to be treated with utmost respect and care.


“Time spent in the bush with a good camera is vital for any wildlife artist.

In order to accurately portray your subject on canvas you need to truly understand the animals and the surroundings in which you find them.

The African Bush has a unique feel and look to it, understanding the lighting, the plant life that your subjects relate to and the way the animals and birds move is all so important if you wish to capture what is so special about Africa and the amazing wildlife that is found here.”

Leon Fouche