Product Quality


People are now only starting to realise just how long lasting pastels are .
There are museums throughout the world that are exhibiting pastels that are hundreds of years old
and do not show any sign of losing their brilliance.
The reason for this is that pastels are made up of only a pigment and a binder.
No chemicals are added to produce a certain colour or texture,
hence there is no need for any upkeep of the painting as there is with an oil painting for example.

Pastels will never fade or discolour.

Various brands of only the best pastels are used on the acid free pastel paper,
and using a fixative when producing the artwork is avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Only the finest materials are used in the making and also the framing of this artwork.


All pictures are framed using acid free tapes, mountboards and backing boards.
The backing boards used keep moisture from getting in to a minimum.
The picture is held in place in the frame by using two small pieces of acid free tape.
The paper is not dry mounted or stuck down onto a board, it simply hangs inside the frame.
Sticking the paper down can devalue the artwork, especially if the glue used is not acid free,
it will eventually cause the paper to discolour and bubble.

This method of framing is called “conservation framing”,
It preserves the drawing and therefore the value of your investment. It also makes it very easy
to reframe should you wish to do so .